OPEN CALL Lights and shadows


Lights and shadows of interseccionality: A bilateral Youth Exchange to work interseccionality through photography

Dates: 07 – 14 July 2018 (7 working days + 1 travel days)

Venue: Terrassa, Spain

Hosting partner:  Districte Jove (Ajuntament de Terrassa)

Participants target: 14 -17 years old (10+2 leaders)

This project wants to debate and develop the concept of intersectionality, understanding that social determinants are multiple and interrelated. Specifically, the group wants to delve into issues of gender and culture as conditioning factors of inequality. And to achieve it, we propose to do it through photography.

In a transversal way, the project will work to promote basic competences at different levels. In the first place, this experience aims to offer opportunities for young people to develop their linguistic skills and their abilities to communicate and relate. In addition, this experience is an opportunity to generate links with other countries in Europe and spaces where to grow in values ​​such as coexistence and social inclusion. Finally, given that this project is born of its own interests, it is a unique opportunity to foster the autonomy and organization of young people through a process of empowerment and self-management.


  • Develop the concepts of interseccionality, gender equity, interculturality and other social determinants.
  • Create opportunities for young people to develop their linguistic skills and communicate abilities.
  • Generate links with other countries to promote youth exchanges
  • Promote the empowerment of young people through the creation of projects.
  • Share and learn knowledge and techniques of photography.


As is a bilateral youth exchange we would like reciprocity, someone able to host our group next year.

If you are interested please send us your PIF ASAP to with the reference “Lights and shadows”.


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